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A stunning video has surfaced online of what is claimed to be Hideo Kojima’s yet to be announced game, Overdose. The main character in the horror game is played by Margaret Qualley. She previously had a role in Kojima’s Death Stranding.

It is a gameplay video in which the main character walks through a dark room with a flashlight. At the end of the video, the character dies outwardly, after which he appears in the picture “Game Over”, the name Hideo Kojima and the title Overdose.

The images are funky, in part because the video maker can be recognized multiple times in screen mirroring. He has a bare upper body. usually do that dropouts Make every effort not to be identified for fear of potential legal consequences.

The man also records photos to record a video. The original footage appears to be played on a laptop via YouTube, which is being recorded by an unknown source. This video is played on a smartphone, then the man in tight clothes shoots it with his smartphone.

Despite the unconventional aspects of the video, there are several important details to note in the video. Margaret Qualley is the main character. She was previously linked to Hideo Kojima’s Overdose project by usually enlightened game journalist Tom Henderson. Kojima confirmed earlier It works on a game using Xbox Game Studios; This is it According to Henderson Overdose game.

The Japanese game maker is also working on a file The sequel to Death Stranding. Looking at Qualley played in the original, it could be that Overdose and Death Stranding mean the same thing, although that’s a bit far-fetched given the horror elements and the non-futuristic setting that suggests an entirely different game.

The original images were shared on Streamable but have since been removed. The above video was uploaded by a third party and not the original source.

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