Antwerp shopkeepers gain from Dutch ‘invasion’ | the interior

Antwerp shopkeepers gain from Dutch 'invasion' |  the interior

The Belgian newspaper attempted to determine the extent to which local shops and catering establishments benefited financially from the influx of Dutch. They went shopping or dining in Antwerp en masse due to the lockdown in their country. This sometimes increased turnover of local entrepreneurs, according to a tour of HLN.

“The two-week invasion made up for everything that went wrong with Corona last year,” 4Geeks store manager told HLN. “During the year-end period, we usually make €3,000 in turnover per day, and this year we are making €10,000-12,000 in profit per day.” He calls those good numbers. “Thanks for that Holland.”

Cash registers also rang in catering establishments thanks to the Dutch. “I wouldn’t dare pronounce it, but we have 300 percent more turnover than a typical month,” said Café Het Groene Hart manager in trendy Groenplaats. Many customers saw more than usual. “It’s crazy and wonderful at the same time.”

Not all businesses have benefited equally from Dutch shoppers. “It may have made up for the end of the year for many catering establishments and retailers, but it wasn’t a rush for the hotel sector,” the head of the Antwerp Hotel Association says in the paper. He explains that the Dutch are mainly day travelers.

Although many entrepreneurs are happy with Dutch work, the behavior of these clients sometimes raises eyebrows. “They sometimes refuse to wear masks because they can’t ‘breathe’ properly,” says the 4Geeks manager. “Then I think, Friend, go back.”

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