Direct | Chamber sternly at the Minister of Agriculture: “Wake up Minister Adema, she lives in a dream world” | Policy

Direct |  Chamber sternly at the Minister of Agriculture: "Wake up Minister Adema, she lives in a dream world" |  Policy

with videoToday, the House of Representatives will cross swords with Agriculture Minister Pete Adema over the collapsing agricultural agreement. The opposition is very critical of the concepts already circulated, because the plans are very vague. GroenLinks is afraid of becoming a “half-truth discussion”.

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Caroline van der Plas, BBB’s front lady, is getting her start. She wonders aloud: “Who in the Netherlands takes a job declaring that they have to buy equipment for sustainability, when it is not clear if and how much you will get a salary?” She says, “Shoot me.” “As if the cultivators are some kind of crazy henky.”

She stresses that supermarkets are under no obligation to buy Dutch products, so the question is whether Dutch products that must meet higher sustainability standards will be sold. According to her, there may also be Roman products there.

Extra homework done? It doesn’t matter’

Agriculture Minister Adema does not hide his disappointment in his answer. The fact that the LTO is resigning is very loud for Minister ChristenUnie, because he worked on additional measures after the previous meeting. “As if the teacher gives extra homework, and when she’s done, she says don’t care, I’m no longer interested in her,” he says disappointedly.

Minister Adema promises to reach a ministerial plan in September, now that the agricultural agreement has fallen through. This frustrates GroenLinks leader Klaver, who believes the House has been “sent into the woods” for eight months now. Refers to the period in which the negotiations took place. He believes that the minister does not want to share anything now, “because there is no plan B at all!” “Wake up, Minister Adema, there is no deal. You live in a dream world.” In the Netherlands, according to the GroenLinks leader, “very little” has happened since 2019.

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Claver also criticizes the vagueness of cabinet plans in the draft agricultural agreement. The Dutch Environmental Assessment Agency notes that much of it is so nebulous that, as a result, the effects can’t even be calculated. According to GroenLinkser, this should lead to “faces of embarrassment”. Agriculture Minister Pete Adema didn’t say much about his Plan B, though he was pretty sure of one thing. , Dependence on the ground will definitely be included, but the parties already knew that before they sat down at the table.

Minister ChristenUnie says he is doing this because the Cabinet “also wants to offer young farmers a future”. In mid-May, this news site revealed that the Cabinet was working on a special new standard for the maximum number of cows per hectare of pasture. The VVD-CDA-D66-ChristenUnie coalition wants to get rid of these large numbers of animals from every pasture. There are areas in the Netherlands, such as De Peel in Brabant, where companies have up to eight large livestock units. That’s not the case anymore,” one person involved describes with conviction.

With no agreement reached, nothing stands in Minister Adema’s way of capping the number of cows (and other livestock) per hectare. And without an agreement with the sector, the establishment of this standard will depend on political competition in the House of Representatives.

The misunderstanding and mistrust between the agricultural sector and the government run deep. The conclusion of an agricultural agreement was supposed to get rid of this conflict. But with the resignation of the largest agricultural organization, the LTO, the agricultural pact collapsed last week. The House of Representatives is discussing this today with Cristinoni, Minister Piet Adema, and Minister for Nature and Nitrogen Christian van der Waal is also there.

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The failure to pull the sting out of the agrarian conflict is becoming apparent again today. Farmers are also reporting now. The Hague municipality issued an emergency order banning tractors from entering the city. Follow all about it here in the live blog. The Farmers Defense Force (FDF) Task Force reluctantly moved to Malefield. Seven activists have been arrested.

It was agreed in the coalition agreement that the nature and nitrogen policy goals should be met by 2030. Christian Democrat leader Wopke Hoekstra let slip an interview with this news site last year that this year was “not sacred” for his party. After the crushing defeat in the provincial elections in March, he went further by declaring that the Christian Democratic Party would He wants to renegotiate.

CDA ‘holding the country hostage’

Left parties in particular are furious about this. They believe that the CDA is “holding the country hostage”. He wants to know from Representative Ellen Feder of the CDA what the CDA wants, because according to him, he is “incomparable”. The exact year, she says, “doesn’t really matter much to her.”

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D66 member Tjeerd de Groot and BBB leader Caroline van der Plas also had a heated discussion. Van der Blaas vehemently denies this and does not want the suggestion that she is merely defending the interests of “big agriculture”, as the agricultural industry is also called. She said to the D66 member: I will not let anyone tell everything. She believes it is not possible for a D66 member of GroenLinks to report that they are “restricted” from the BBB in the provinces.


“What a painful consequence that we are still debating the same topic,” MP Peter Umtzigt said. And he had previously indicated on social media that the Cabinet was studying the dairy and meat tax, according to a footnote to the documents.

Although the Cabinet advocates freedom of choice for farmers, that’s not the whole story, according to GroenLinks MP Laura Bromet. “I would also like everything to be voluntary, but that’s half the truth. These are no longer choices, but the result of binding international agreements and judges’ rulings.” She asks, “If there was ever a time when you had to buy, what did you do with confidence in politics?” According to her, the debate over the agricultural agreement had become “a debate about half-truths.”

Caroline van der Plaas (BBB), Minister Christiane van der Waal (Nature and Nitrogen) and Minister Piet Adema (Agriculture) during the debate on ending negotiations on the agricultural pact. © ANP

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