The founder of Pluto TV announces a free TV with a second screen for advertising – Sound and Vision – News

Entrepreneur Ilya Buzyn, best known for the ad-funded free streaming service Pluto TV, has just announced a TV. It has a second screen under the TV to show commercials to customers.

55-inch LCD screen with HDR support and 4K resolution, says Tilly. Below is a second screen of unknown size and resolution. It displays additional information and the program also displays recommendations for what customers can watch. There are also banners on the right side. Telly is calling the product Dual Screen Smart TV.

Between the two screens is a five-driver speaker. The TV is equipped with a voice assistant for operation. There is also motion tracking for fitness apps. Customers must pre-share data about people in the household to receive targeted advertising. Providing this information is mandatory. Recording to TV is done via an application that is not available in Benelux. The company wants to start delivering as early as this summer and is talking about 500,000 copies.

The concept of television being paid for at least in part by showing ads is not new at all. Many TVs now on the market already display advertisements. In addition, devices often come with pre-installed apps from major media companies.

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