This is one of the few series where all seasons are really good

This is one of the few series where all seasons are really good

This series can proudly say that it doesn’t have a single bad season.

There are very few shows that can say they don’t have bad seasons. Long-running series often have a less strong season or the later seasons are no longer as good as the beginning.

It’s also very difficult to create a perfect series, but there are a few series that manage to make every season great.

Many hugely popular series that have sometimes been awarded the title of best series of all time have had at least one weaker season. Take this example game of thronesWhile it’s a really beloved series, this past season just can’t keep up the reputation of the previous seasons.

The best series

It is one of the few series that only has good seasons justification. The crime series is based on the work of Elmore Leonard and follows Rylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant).

Raylan is a US Marshal who is forced to return to his hometown in remote rural Kentucky. Here he has to deal with local criminals, including his childhood friend Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins).

Watch the opening scene and stream below justification on Hulu.

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