Former Voice Kids candidate impresses again on TVOH

Former Voice Kids candidate impresses again on TVOH

With her performance of “Voilà”, in which Barbara Bravy took second place at last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Pascal made a deep impression on the coaches. After a few seconds Anouk turns to her, and Ali B, Glenys Grace and Waylon soon follow.

Then call them compliments. “What a surprise,” Waylon said. “(…) I really like you.” “Beautiful and weird voice,” says Glennis. “Wow, the best we’ve seen so far,” says Ali B. “Beautiful voice! (…) Really crazy,” Anouk adds on top of that. Words of praise reach Pascal, who eventually chooses to join Anouk’s team.

Pascal knew it The Voice Kids to reach the semi-finals. “I spent the time of my life there,” she explains. Choose to participate in Holland sound So quickly. She was also surprised before the test. Nobody but Barbara Braffy gave her her advice: “Ring with your heart!”

In addition to the regular program, a new item has been added to TVOH. Business for those who haven’t played still have a chance. Maan and Typhoon watch secretly during auditions and pick out a few that they still keep. In the video below, the two trainers explain it:

Holland sound It can be seen every Friday evening from 8pm on RTL4 and can be viewed on Videoland.

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