Anthony Misiewicz acquired by royals – MLB trade rumors

Anthony Misiewicz acquired by royals - MLB trade rumors

The sailors announced that they traded the left hand Anthony Misievic To members of the royal family for monetary considerations. The leftist was appointed for appointment yesterday.

27-year-old Misiewicz appears to have had an impressive run during the 2020 season, throwing 20 rounds of a Bullpen in Seattle during that short campaign with a 4.05 ERA, 28% ground ball rate, 7.2% solid walking rate and 7.2% strike rate. Excellent at 30.1%. Unfortunately, he couldn’t take it to the following seasons, with his strike rate reaching 4.61 both in 2021 and here in 2022. His strike rate dropped to 22.5% last year and dropped further to 14% here in 2022. He was selected in Triple- A in June and fared better in a small sample of 12 1/3 innings, he scored a 3.65 ERA, 23.6% strike rate, 10.9% walking rate, and 51.5% ground ball rate.

For the Royal Family, they will add a controllable dump to their Bullpen depth chart. Misiewicz entered the season exactly two years into his MLB service time and won’t be able to cross the three-year mark this year given that he’s already spent about six weeks in the minors. They can keep him in the palace and see if he can get into a good groove. prince garrett He is currently the only Southern ball in the big league game, which means there is a path for Misevich to make his way back to the roster.

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