Linux kernel 5.19 released, first Arm64 laptop – Computer – News

I have a dark brown suspicion that this is due to Microsoft marketing their operating system as backward compatible. This is eating whole eggs. Under Windows 11, you can run a program written for Windows 3.1 with minimal interference. This makes work happy (depending on who you ask, sysadmins generally prefer not to run old stuff, but that’s another discussion).

If they ported Windows to ARM, all those old software are automatically incompatible with it. So far, emulators have been so slow that they haven’t yielded a viable ARM machine with Windows.

In short, to switch to ARM, Microsoft has to give up a pretty big selling point (as far as I’ve tried so far) and then it suddenly becomes interesting to look for alternatives. Because at that moment you can also choose:

– Apple built emulated extensions into hardware for good old software performance (or at least workability) and is on its way to getting everything original
Linux that you can build from scratch for ARM, including the applications you want to run

If you can’t run the program you want to run without a noticeable loss of performance, why choose Microsoft?

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