Bungie temporarily disables chatting in Destiny 2 after an active exploit – Gaming – News

One does it to sarcasm/sarcasm, and the other does it to gain an actual advantage. You can also see this in team sports: players often try to move mountains in the hope that someone else will be punished or that you will get away with it. This is really nothing new under the sun and you see it literally everywhere.

So, there are a lot of memories. Have you struck a chord with cheaters and exploited abusers?

No, but your post is quite generalized, just like this sentence, by the way. I mean, if I were to edit your post a little bit, you’d get something like this:

Football players who try everything and test are always, in my opinion, very sad and lifeless. What’s really going on in them, with the schwalbe then letting the players get a red card (if they lose)? You play football for fun, regardless of whether you lose or win. But it seems to be very important for some to pet their ego or something.

This less player (if you’re losing for example) can make all the difference in the strategy that makes you in the end we will He wins and then becomes a champion, for example, gets a promotion or something else. ;) Not that I want to justify things, but in a different context often people suddenly look at things differently. ;)

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