American spends three days in a tree to avoid the police | Abroad

American spends three days in a tree to avoid the police |  Abroad

Once the officers reached the house, the man escaped by climbing the tree. He had sued the NYPD in 2013 and fears they will attack him. Thomas sat on a branch about 10 meters high.

The police tried everything to get him out: a drone, loud music, and even negotiators came to the scene. But nothing seems to help. Meanwhile, more and more people came to stand near the tree; Even a priest came to the place.

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While Thomas was sitting in the tree, he shouted that he did not want to go to prison because he was afraid that he would be mistreated there. Finally, Erica Ford, a volunteer with the Life Camp mental health group, was able to convince him to get out of the tree. I asked if the police could leave the area so they could talk to Thomas directly. The man came down as a result of talking to her. It was five o’clock on Friday evening.

Ford then took the man to the hospital for a medical evaluation. When he got out of the tree, he wasn’t caught. It is not yet clear if the man is charged with his time in the tree.

Thomas carried out his needs, like peeing, from the tree. He survived on food he got from officers on Thursday. At some point, he even ate the foliage.

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