UK store confirms five years of security updates for the Google Pixel 6 series – tablets and phones – news

Yes, Asus ROG Yes, but this is also not a two-day phone.
I should know because I have 1.
Sure, if you email, call for 5 minutes and send what you can, you can go a long way, but you don’t buy ROG to be frugal.

6 and especially 6 pro are loaded with everything, much more than ROG.
Cameras nowadays also provide the necessary computing and you often see the hardware getting hot with heavy camera functions. This means high consumption and the Pixel 6 series will not be available.

I hope I’m wrong, but Google showed things very specific to its pixels, but battery life was never one of the features, on the contrary. Usually it was just lousy.
5000mAh for a 6 pro is big and a decent amount but it’s pretty average for an Android flagship these days and we’re really seeing that most devices are definitely not two day phones with all those cameras, 5G, AI, etc.
Unless you want to limit things or turn them off, you won’t see anything special in that area.
It doesn’t really matter, it’s about getting a device that works all day with heavy use, you’re good.
We first saw this with ROG and now we see it also with Pro Max iPhones.
Take a look at the Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra, 5000 mAh too but there is no miracle for the battery, it is even disappointing.
The S21Ultra goes a long way, but definitely not a two-day phone, etc.

Again, take Google’s claims with caution.

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