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Dollar Tree can no longer sell eggs

Dollar Tree is temporarily not selling eggs because egg prices have risen 60 percent since last fall.

A spokesman for the waiver announced this on Tuesday, March 14, Reuters International news agency reported. An increasingly popular destination for the cash-strapped, the supermarket chain has $9,000 Tree stores in the US and Canada. The discount chain expects to have eggs back on sale in its supermarkets as early as autumn this year, a spokeswoman said. Reuters reported.

Eggs are very expensive for Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree, which sells $1.25 ($1.15) and smaller items for $3 or $5, will stop selling eggs in stores because the company can’t make money selling them at fixed prices. Offer prices, American news channel CNN reports.

Egg prices have also risen sharply in the US due to bird flu, higher production costs and a reduced supply of Americans. Egg producers who increased their own profits .

The price of eggs increased by 38 percent for producers and 55 percent for consumers in February last year. Starting to get cheaper, CNN reported. The average price for a dozen large grade A eggs was $4.21 in February facts According to CNN, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Egg prices have increased

Most retailers have raised egg prices in response to higher consumer prices, but Dollar Tree says it doesn’t have much flexibility to raise prices.

“Our prime price at Dollar Tree is $1.25. Eggs are very expensive right now,” company spokesman Randy Giller told CNN. Dollar Tree, which has about 9,000 stores in the U.S., will put eggs back on shelves when prices rise in line with historical levels. A spokesperson for the discount chain.

Dollar Tree sold cartons of eight or six eggs for $1. In 2021, Dollar Tree announced it Increase the price Selling everything for $1 for $1.25 puts pressure on businesses, CNN reports.

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