Alteveer prepares for the return of Oktoberfest

Het bier zal aangerukt worden in Alteveer (Rechten: Tobias Hase/dpa/AFP)

The concert was canceled last year due to the Corona pandemic. For Board Member Arjan Venema, it was also exciting this year if Oktoberfest could be organized again. “In fact, we only started working after the last cabinet press conference. But it worked and fortunately, a lot is now possible again,” says Venema.

An account with Corona

Visitors don’t have to move a meter and a half away from each other, but there is plenty of space at the huge event site on the edge of the village. A tent of 90 meters in length and 36 meters in width is already waiting for party-goers on the lawn. Inside there will be two beer pods, a stage, rows of permanent tables and of course a bar where you will undoubtedly slide thousands of glasses of beer.

However, everyone who comes to the Oktoberfest must show a Corona certificate. You will not be accepted without a negative test result, vaccination, or certificate of recovery. “We prefer everyone to show such a green check on his/her phone, but paper evidence is useful too,” says Venema.

Another difference is that this year, due to Corona rules, the party starts at 6pm and ends at midnight. “It was a little more difficult for Austrian artists to come, but they came from Limburg. And these are a bit of the Alps in Holland,” Venma laughs.

To sleep

Due to the schlagers’ rules, you’ll almost forget that many other things must be set up before schlagers can sound through the speakers. Next week, a group of about fifteen volunteers will be busy moving chairs and tables, crushing barriers, installing restrooms and delivering all the equipment. “And after that we still have to decorate the whole tent and put up the rails of course. So we still have a lot to do,” says board member Yohan Suk.

There has also been a lot of consultation with the municipality of De Wolden recently to ensure that the ceremony runs smoothly. After the previous edition in 2019, there was criticism from the village and the municipality as few visitors caused inconvenience. For a while it seemed like Oktoberfest was going to move to Slagharin, but that plan is in the trash.

Sook: “Due to the large number of visitors, sometimes something went wrong on the street, which is partly why we reduced the number of visitors from 4,500 to 3,500. We now have good security and the scenario is in order. Everything is fine now.”

popular party

More than 2,800 tickets have been sold out of the 3,500 tickets already available which is good for both board members. Eight years later, the hobby spiraling out of control has become an event that not only Alteveer residents, but residents from across the region look forward to. And it looks like they’re ready for a night out again.

A day after tickets went on sale, a thousand tickets had already been sold. Venema: “They come from Dalen, Hoogeveen, Ruinen, you name it. Everyone is looking forward to it again and that this is possible again after a year and a half, feels really good.”

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