KLM is not for China, Korea and Japan for a while | Financial issues

KLM is not for China, Korea and Japan for a while |  Financial issues

According to a KLM spokesperson, potential alternatives to routes to Japan, China and South Korea have not been considered. There have been KLM aircraft at a number of destinations. The crew will partially return to the Netherlands with another airline.

The airline can then fly to destinations in North Asia via the Middle East, for example, but this costs more time and fuel. The schedule has been suspended until Thursday. Over ten years ago, KLM was not allowed to fly over Russia for a while as a punishment, and it cost the airline millions in the time. The airline is still facing financial difficulties as a result of the Corona crisis.

“alternative methods”

The Netherlands will close its airspace to Russian airlines on Sunday evening. An Airbridgecargo spokesperson says it will be coming to Schiphol again on Sunday to pick up goods. KLM’s sister carrier Air France will also cancel its flights to Russia from Sunday. It also canceled flights to Korea, Japan and China. “We are studying alternative paths,” she said in Paris.

KLM canceled two flights to Moscow and Saint Petersburg on Saturday. It became clear to KLM on Saturday morning that no more parts could be taken for their own use as a result of the penalties. As a result, KLM can no longer guarantee the safety of flights to Russia or through Russian airspace. On the other hand, Air France flew over Russia on Sunday morning.

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