De Dijk takes delight in the Ziggo Dome on a journey through its musical history

De Dijk takes delight in the Ziggo Dome on a journey through its musical history

Lead singer Huub van der Lubbe van De Dijk during a show at the Ziggo Dome. The band has been around for forty years and is celebrating an anniversary concert.Dutch photo height / ANP

“just come.” Huub van der Lubbe (68), singer of De Dijk, dropped the sentence on Friday night at the end of the first two anniversary concerts at Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome. The band was introduced, the crew and management thanked, and it is only now, it seems, that van der Loeb realizes how special he is with what he has achieved with his band.

40 Years of De Dijk was a great occasion, but one that can be called a real milestone. For more than two hours, he took over the sold-out hall – in fact showing that only 75 per cent of 17,000 tickets could be sold thanks to Corona – through the musical history of the Amsterdam rock band.

An adventure that began exactly forty years ago in Paradiso as a supporting work for Raymond van Heet Gronaud. “Dutch rock, that will never work again,” van der Loeb cited critical voices from the music industry forty years ago as a precursor to his bleeding heart, De Dijk’s first single in 1982. The beginning of a series of songs that all went through Friday evening, befitting a jubilee concert. But what’s new is the layout of the room, which is similar to the songs in it Enter without knocking, I can’t do it alone employment dance on volcano It was literally sung.

small and familiar

De Dijk has always preferred a long-haul tour along the club circuit to one-time large-scale concerts, for example, Ahoy or now Ziggo Dome. This may be the secret to the band’s long-term success, they’ve always wanted to keep everything small and reliable. Management has been in the hands of Jantien Keunen from day one, described by Hugo Lugtenberg in the biography of his new band. behind the dam Since the late 1970s, not many have taken on the role of watcher for the boys, but “she was her”. It has remained so to this day. Isn’t she the one who checked out the last stage on Friday when the band members were already screaming nerves waiting for the moment they could go up the stairs to the stage?

It must be a crazy feeling although you’ve played 79 times at Paradiso and 75 times at Fredenburg in Utrecht, and driven countless tours through all the clubs in the country, it’s something different. There was not a hall where hundreds of people were waiting for you, but thousands of people.

De Dijk performing at the Ziggo Dome.  Dutch photo height / ANP

De Dijk performing at the Ziggo Dome.Dutch photo height / ANP

This was not noticeable anyway. From the proper first song, humble, Nice to see you again Everything was fine and it was noted that the band was not inclined to make major changes. Artists who are transitioning from the pop stage to the arena for the first time or who want to celebrate something often tend to go overboard. Light fireworks, bring in dancers, choirs, and drums for musical guests. De Dijk did not fall into this trap. The light was tasteful, and the decor was limited to five removable panels. No guests went through to claim their part in the band’s history. What we saw were the six men of De-Dick in two regular jackets. They carried the concert without adding a single show item to it.

You can achieve songs, playing and ecstasy that you can achieve with the audience. That’s it at Ziggo Dome. Aside from the expansion, there was another difference with the previous shows: the live concert with no strings attached was something everyone hadn’t experienced for a year and a half.


Maybe that’s why the orgasm was so great from the first minute. Often like De Dijk inside without mess up You’ll play, and you won’t sing it out loud. And when Nico Arzbach’s guitar sounds next, the applause continues If you are not there Immediately in the lines: “Ten to one I’ll shut up / When I see you again,” which Van der Loeb could hardly drown out.

So many Dijk hits, so fast on the show, could it possibly go well? Sure, these guys know how to build a prom. The first peak comes after 45 minutes with Under, when guitarist Gilly Brook and saxophonist Roland Brant also competed against each other after their solos. Then the gas returns to its new peak exactly 45 minutes later What a woman After that, Van der Loeb is allowed to wear a clean shirt. The series of iterations still offers space dance on the volcanoPerhaps the song that the whole audience has been waiting for after abstaining from live music for a year and a half.

It seems that van der Loeb and his men do not want to leave after that. De Dijk has songs for every moment. The last one is also impressive. Can the lights be turned off? Van der Loeb sings. no not now. Amstelveen, Arnhem and Hengelo are on the show in the coming weeks. Because as van der Loeb pointed out in his memoirs three years ago, and in the book butt from dam Quoted from: ‘I want to sing with De Dijk on a regular tour. We have to do what we can do well, we’re at our best.” Even after forty years, De Dijk’s light won’t go out for long. Just get over it.

In addition to two concerts at the Ziggo Dome, 40 Years of De Dijk is also celebrated with a collection of stories, texts, poems by singer Huub van der Lubbe and Vlooienmarktdandy, a biography of the band Achter de Dijk written by journalist Hugo Logtenberg, assorted CDs and vinyl versions. For example, on purple vinyl, there’s a 40-year compilation De Dijk (the best so far), all studios and two live albums on CD are bundled in a box set, and De Dijk is available as a triple LP in Paradiso from November 26.

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