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Altcoins als ethereum en solana stijgen flink, deze crypto stijgen harder

Bitcoin (BTC) He was able to do it very quickly after the last withdrawal Make a nice rebound, but the price is still lower than the price before the decline. a lot Altcoins In the meantime, they exceeded their price before falling. Thus, the dominance of Bitcoin drops to 39%. Almost the entire top 100 Cryptocurrency It turned green this morning and the total market capitalization rose 4.5% to about $2.27 trillion.

Ethereum rise 6.5%

Ethereum (ETH) It fell with bitcoin this week. Ether price lost momentum at $3,400 and fell all the way to $3,220 yesterday morning. A few hours later, not only did ETH rise again, but the price increased further to $3,460. For the rest of the evening, ETH held above $3,450 and briefly peaked at $3,500 overnight. Since then, it appears that $3,460 has flipped from resistance to support and this morning is about to test $3,500 again. ETH is up 6.5% today.

ADA, XRP is a bit in the affirmative

Cardano (ADA) It lags slightly behind today compared to the rest of the top ten. ADA recovered to $1.16 last night and $1.19 this morning, bringing the price up 3.3%. Ripple (XRP) It has been rising steadily over the past 24 hours, and reached $0.847 this morning, bringing the price up by 3.5%.

The attraction of BNB, DOGE, SHIB is a little stronger

Binance Coin (BNB) followed the rest, but it still struggled with $450. However, BNB is already 4.2% in positive. Like XRP, Dogecoin (DOGE) continues to rise steadily, rising by 4.9% and standing at $0.143. Shiba inu (SHIB) made additional leaps last night and this morning, reaching 6.3% in excess and reaching $0.000027.


Polkadot (DOT) managed to rise a little longer, bringing the price up to 7.1% and reaching $22.6. Avalanche (AVAX) also jumped this morning and is currently racing $100, up 7.2%.

Solana (SOL) broke up this week but struggled with $136 in the last hours. However, SOL is 9.3% in excess today. Terra (LUNA) is on the rise again and is now above $112 with the price up to 9.7% in the affirmative.

Top 100 Cryptocurrencies with Down and Up

But three of the top 100 are in the red today, and these are the three that rose the fastest this week. WAVES is down 5.7% compared to 24 hours ago, but it’s still 69% up compared to last week. Zilliqa (ZIL) is down 7.5% today, but is still up 290% this week. Newcomer stepn (GMT) is still up 250% this week, but is down about 11% today.

Among the hardest to climb, filcoin (FIL) and phantom (FTM) are up 9%. Tezos (XTZ) and arweave (AR) shares are up 10%. Maker (MKR) at 11% and AAVE (Ave) close to 12%. Flow (flow), axial infinity (AXS) and graph (GRT) were up 13%. Convex Funding (CVX) is up 15% near (NEAR) by 21% and LDO (LDO) is up nearly 23%. Frax (FXS) stock is the fastest rising in the top 100 cryptocurrencies today and is up 29%.

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