Failed mummies, tube explosions and plenty of love among bakers at the Heel Holland Bakt | cooking and eating

Failed mummies, tube explosions and plenty of love among bakers at the Heel Holland Bakt |  cooking and eating

cooking and eatingThe entire Holland Bakt was there – after a week-long hiatus due to last week’s football match – for the third time. The topic was a bit boring, according to presenter André van Duin.

Making gardens on a loaf of bread was the first job of home bakers All of Holland Bucket† This was the third time they were allowed into the tent and had to make their own version of pancakes tonight. “Focaccia garden. I do not know this. I know how to dance. La Focaccia, la foccacia, tralala ‘The presenter Van Duyen sang La Cucaraca he moved.

Make a garden? You mean Belin, Tom thought. Van Doyen and Yannis tried another Greek dance, the sirtaki, but they cut it off in a hurry. “I feel like a Dutch tourist. You can’t eat these,” Van Doyen said when he nearly tripped over his feet, cautioned Angie shortly afterwards as he “digs” her dough for Italian bread, which has risen too high. Inge’s creation alarmed the brilliant baker, “He’s grown up.” But he is no longer fighting.

The creations ranged from a huge, golden brown baked sampling (ingi) to a pale loaf of bread (tom). One of them had too much sumac (Zeinab) and Lynn had made a classic mistake: too much garlic. It affects the dough. This won’t be anything anymore. Lynn discolored her ears. I didn’t know.” Marie could be proud. She did it for the first time, baking the focaccia and had nice bubbles. Just as the jury wanted it to be “a great start,” Jane van der Heyden ruled. Enzo was beautiful , although it contained a little turmeric in it. But the jury thought it should be eaten. She could be happy, too: She lint could have been neater, but it was “cool to eat.”


Calm down, it will be fine

Supports Marek Yannis who was suffering from candy

Yannis was pleased with the second assignment. They had to make the katifi: a kind of baklava but a Greek version. Marshmallows for his mouth, due to its Greek origin. He offered to help others, but he also wanted to do it right, he cautioned, laughing.

Kataifi was a Greek tragedy

It turns out to be very difficult: bake those very thin strings, which are wrapped around the filling and then baked until golden brown. Spraying filaments into a frying pan in particular was a disaster: The cap of Julien’s spray bottle exploded, causing the mixture to fly. Mariki and Angie had the same explosion in their frying pans when their castle flew out of the bottle.

Janis was a Greek tragedy. Instead of offering help, he had to ask for help himself. Mariki helped him and encouraged him: “Calm down, he’ll be fine.” Then she released her “enemy” and hugged him. Zainab was also upset and spoke of “failed mummies” when she looked at the threads about her stuffing. It’s finally finished, Tom makes my best plush.

Those who still wanted revenge had another chance the next day with the third mission. Quite on topic of course, because it had to be a “floral spring scene”. Cake with homemade flowers, as explained by jury member Robert van Beckhoven. Candidates can make these flowers with anything they want: butter, marzipan, sugar or fondant. If only van der Heyden got a springy feel with every bite.

Enzo was ready for battle. Wanted this button. What? Of course he meant a coveted piece of precious metal as the “master baker”. Tom’s round cake was once again well received. It wasn’t very sweet, says Van Beckhoven, but the flavors were great. Lynn was very happy with her anklet, but Van der Heyden didn’t think she was elegant and jury member Van Beckhoven thought she was too sweet. Fried mint was not a good idea. Lynn thought of another lesson learned.

Cake made of gypsum

Enzo came out even better with this blue Delft vase with tulips. Van Beekhoven thought it sounded real. “Made nicely and I love it too,” his colleague judged. It’s strong, Van Beekhoven added.

The anomaly in the last round was Zainab’s Polish pie. Good, the jury thought. “Really cool,” said Van Bekoven. The beautifully flowered cake on the outside has twenty airtight tiers, made with “plaster of Polish,” according to Van Doyen, and the jury didn’t criticize a word.

It was Enzo Master Baker of the week. He replied, “I was hoping for a pin.” Gold looks good on me. Lynn lost weight. She said, “I knew it.” , “The standard is high. But I’ve been able to learn a lot. It’s no different.”

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