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Fast Travel Games has announced that a VR sub-version of Cities: Skylines will be releasing on April 28 for Meta Quest 2. The game was announced last year, but it doesn’t have an exact release date yet.

The developer showed up this week New Trailer for Cities: VR It was announced that the game would be released on April 28. The game will be available on that date Through the Oculus Store It can then be played using the Meta Quest 2 headset. The VR game will not be available to other VR platforms when it is released, but the developer has According to UploadVR The hint is that this may change at a later time.

In the gameplay video, the developer explains how players should get started in the game, and also explains the different systems and game mechanics. Players can see their city from a bird’s eye view or up close. In the game, they are responsible for satisfying their residents, as well as for things like the economy, entertainment, education and emergency services of their cities. At launch, the game won’t get any natural disasters or terrain customization options yet, but the developer says the game will be expanded at a later time.

Cities: VR It was announced last December† The game was not developed by Colossal Order, the original creators of Cities: Skylines. Instead, a new studio is working on a VR game: Fast Travel Games. It is also not a direct port of Cities: Skylines, as VR is not suitable for the size and scale of an entire city: Skylines city. Instead, Cities: VR targets smaller, more intimate cities. The game will cost 30 euros.

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