Alonso also receives a grid penalty for a United States GB

Alonso also receives a grid penalty for a United States GB

It has been raining grid penalties on the American circuit this weekend. Before the weekend starts Sebastian Cut And George Russell has already announced that they will be putting out a new Mercedes engine. Incidentally, the motor development is about the same specification as before, as it is prohibited. Teams can only make a major upgrade Ferrari After all, all manufacturers have done it before the start of the season.

The name of Valteri Potos may be added to that list on Friday. Unlike other drivers, the Mercedes driver only goes for a new combustion engine (ICE), which is already the sixth time of the season. Finn doesn’t have to start at the back, but ‘only’ takes the five-point stage penalty. Bee Fernando Alonso This is different. FIA documents show it Alpine Replaced all components. So Alonso can count on a new ICE, MGU-H, MGU-K, turbo, battery, control electronics and a new exhaust system.

He exceeds the amount allowed for all of those components, which in theory results in grid fines for more than sixty locations. It is noteworthy that Alonso also crossed the line with exhaust systems. Eight of them are allowed and most drivers are far from reaching that number. Like Vettel and Russell, Alonso’s name is followed by ‘Pin of the Grid’. In fact who gets out in the twentieth place is determined based on merit results. The fastest man of the above three can start on the eighteenth day.

After Alonso stopped the first free workout on Friday, Alpine made the change as a precaution. The French team was able to continue training, suspecting a water leak, but did not want to take any risk for the rest of this weekend. In addition, this switch provides additional components to Alonso’s pool for the upcoming race weekends. An added advantage is that it is entirely possible to overtake in the Circuit of America and Austin is a better place than Interlogos for a point penalty.

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