Emergency in western Canada due to storms and floods

Emergency in western Canada due to storms and floods

A state of emergency was declared last night in western Canada, in the province of British Columbia. The area was hit by a storm last weekend and torrential rain in a short time. Parts of the county were flooded, and road and train traffic was disrupted. A woman was killed in a landslide and at least two people were missing.

The army was called in to help thousands of stranded people. Helicopters dropped food into the mountains, cutting off a village of 400 from the outside world. The military will also assist with clean-up and reconstruction operations.

More water condensation

Canadian authorities suspect that the severe storm and the large amount of rain are linked to climate change. Canadian scientist In British Columbia, he told the BBC the devastating effects of the storm were likely due to human activities. “As we warm the climate, as the atmosphere warms and the oceans warm, more water evaporates from the oceans.” When this evaporating water reaches the mountains in western Canada, it condenses into rain.

Another problem is that deforestation and wildfires increase the risk of landslides when it rains heavily. Old trees with deep roots that hold the soil well have been cut down.

After the weekend, weather conditions in the affected area gradually improved, but more rain is expected.

British Columbia was already hit by extremely hot weather and wildfires last summer. The village of Leyton was destroyed by fire destroyed. At least 500 people died in the heat wave.

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