After 18 years, the Rolling Stones are back with new music

After 18 years, the Rolling Stones are back with new music

After weeks of speculation, excitement and high expectations, it’s finally out today: The Rolling Stones’ new album. It is the first Stones album to contain original songs since 2005 and the first without late drummer Charlie Watts. Was it worth the wait? We discuss it with experts Ad Vandenberg, Jeroen van Inkel and Mike Boddé.

Can they still do that? The band formed 61 years ago, and this afternoon The Rolling Stones presented their new song, Angry. 18 years after their last album. Was it worth the wait? Mike Buddy thinks so. “I love it. I definitely didn’t know what to expect. They’re all old, of course, but I think it’s a great song.”

Known guitar ringtones

The guitar tone is important in this great song. “As always, stoneware,” Boddy says. “The Rolling Stones’ guitar riffs are always excellent. Very simple and very catchy.” Guitarist Ad Vandenberg wholeheartedly agrees with those words. “He’s certainly very well known. You know the saying: It’s in the cuff that the master shows himself. Well, Keith Richards is really good at that.”

It is precisely these guitar riffs that make the Rolling Stones and their music so special. Using different songs, Vandenberg shows why the Stones’ music is so recognizable. “It’s very simple stuff, and immediately you’re completely in the groove,” the guitarist says.

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Watch the full conversation about The Rolling Stones’ new album here.

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