Eot Klok is angry after the House of Representatives list was rejected: “The House insults the VVD in Drenthe”

Ewout Klok

The Drenthe branch of the VVD put forward Eot Klok from Ten Arlo as a candidate for a place on the list of the House of Representatives, but this advice was rejected by the National Selection Committee. A decision the Hoogeveen businessman cannot understand. “I am now being personally wronged and the council is insulting the VVD in Drenthe.”

At first, Cloke was hesitant to apply for a spot on the roster. But after leasing his gas station in Hoogeveen, VVD Drenthe was able to persuade him to enter into discussions with the nomination committee. And also because he says he fits perfectly into the profile required by the VVD: “A member of parliament who is critical, who has two feet in society, who has a support base in the region he comes from, and he has to be a handful.” stubborn.” .

Therefore, Cloke’s nomination was not well received by the National Party leadership. In an open letter to VVD members, the gas station owner explains why.

Cloke was given two reasons by the selection committee for not seeing himself on the list. The most important of which are the messages he sent on social media in the past. For example, Klok reportedly said on Twitter in 2011 that he was banned from driving for speeding. Within the VVD they have a five-year restriction period for such incidents.

The second reason Kluck was accused of was “administrative siege.” “When I asked what this was, there was no answer,” Klock explains in the letter.

After the refusal, Kluck contacted VVD head Erich Wetzels for further clarification, but he was none the wiser either. “I was advised to say that I was very low on the list and therefore withdrew. The truth is that I will not be on the list at all. I am afraid I will still enter the council on preferential votes.”

The Hoogeveen businessman would like an explanation for his party choice. “No explanation is unpalatable to me. There seems to be no room for this opinionated businessman.” In the letter, he said that Kluck would remain a member of the VVD party. “You will not meet me on any other political party list. I will continue to vote for the VVD.”

VVD Drenthe party leader Rene Lahn says he is extremely disappointed and will speak to his fellow party members at the general meeting next Saturday.

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