Leonardo DiCaprio Appears On A Conveyor Belt With Young Women, But The Actor Is Tired Of All The Attention | Displays

Leonardo DiCaprio Appears On A Conveyor Belt With Young Women, But The Actor Is Tired Of All The Attention |  Displays

Since Leonardo DiCaprio, 48, and Camila Morrone, 25, are no longer together, the actor appears on the assembly line with other young supermodels. It may now be clear that he particularly likes young women, but who are all these women? And above all: Why does DiCaprio always fail to find it?

Leonardo DiCaprio and the Women: It remains a fascinating story. It is no longer news that DiCaprio’s forays have always been young and stunningly beautiful. In all, he was already with eight women, all of them under the age of 25. His last “serious” partner Camila Morrone was at least two decades younger than the actor. A few weeks after crossing a quarter century mark, the two broke up after five years together.

Since splitting with Morrone, DiCaprio has been dating all of them with younger women. In December last year, for example, he hooked up with 23-year-old Victoria Lamas. Fun fact: Lamas was born in 1999. That’s two years after DiCaprio played Jack in the 1997 movie Titanic. The fact that the two were spotted together also means that it’s over between Gigi Hadid, 27, and the actor, who, according to various sources, was ‘getting to know each other better’ a few months ago.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone. © John Sheene / ACE Pictures

accidentally together

Leonardo DiCaprio soon seemed to be ignoring Victoria Lamas, because in February the actor dominated international media and social media for days over his alleged affair with 19-year-old model Aiden Polanyi. They were photographed together at a concert by singer Ebony Riley in Los Angeles and according to various media outlets, they are dating. well-established habit TMZ And the people You mentioned that DiCaprio and Polanyi are not a group. They happened to be next to each other and moved in the same friend group, that’s it.

However, now the actor appears to be dating again. This became evident during last week’s Paris Fashion Week. This time it concerns Flemish model Rose Bertram (28) who was previously with Dutch professional footballer Gregory van der Wiel, who also has two daughters. The two enjoyed several dates in Paris. They go out to dinner, go to a nightclub club together and are seen in the same hotel in quick succession.

Rose Bertram
Rose Bertram © AFP

Two women in Paris

Whether it is true love remains to be seen. The actor has recently been linked to British presenter Maya Gama (28). They also spent time together in Paris, after meeting at a party after the BAFTA Awards last February. Maya enjoyed herself until the wee hours with Leo and his friends. “She couldn’t turn down this opportunity,” she said. the sun.

Is DiCaprio happy with all the attention on his love life? It’s disgusting. “Leo is single and very frustrated with the hype that he’s only looking for very young girls,” a close friend of the actor said recently. daily Mail .,,It’s ridiculous that he can’t go anywhere without associating with the youngest woman in the room.” “He wants to get rid of this image once and for all. It really bothers him that this still haunts him. Leo wants something like he had with Camila. Something real and dangerous.”

Maya Gamma
Maya Gamma © BBC/Folwell 73

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