Aaron Rodgers, Antonio Brown Protocol violations vary greatly

Aaron Rodgers, Antonio Brown Protocol violations vary greatly

Tampa – Since the news broke Suspended by two Bucs players (and one former player) For the use of fake COVID-19 vaccination cards, the cyberspace has become full of allegations of double standards.

The shouts read like an algebra equation: Why is AR not equal to AB?

Or, in simpler terms, why would a Bucs receiver, Antonio Brown, provide a three-game suspension while Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers continues his NFC center backs? Haven’t they both been found to have violated COVID-19 protocols agreed upon by the NFL and NFL Players’ Association?

Yes, but conditions are different. so far.

Someone (Rodgers) misled the audience. The other (Brown) misled the employer in a way that could be subject to criminal charges.

Rodgers, who tested positive for the virus in early November, said he was “vaccinated” over the summer when reporters asked about his vaccination status, but has since admitted that she has not been vaccinated. The three-time MVP said his teammates and the Packers organization know they haven’t been vaccinated.

Instead of vaccinations — Rodgers said he’s allergic — he said he was treated with a monoclonal antibody and ivermectin to fight the virus and that he told the NFL about his approach.

Rodgers said that apart from accessing without a mask at press conferences (a violation of protocol for non-immune players) Pat McAfee Show That he “followed every protocol to a T, minus (that of mask press conferences), which makes absolutely no sense.” Check out his interview, starting at one hour and eight minutes.

Packages were fined $300,000 for breaching rules agreed upon by the NFL and NFLPA. Rodgers and wide receiver Allen Lazard were fined $14,560 for attending a meeting of more than three people (In this case, a Halloween party), which violates the protocols of unvaccinated players.

The NFL said Thursday that Brown, Salameh Mike Edwards and former Buck recipient John Franklin III suspended three games without pay, after a league investigation concluded that the three “misrepresented the case of the COVID-19 vaccination.”

The suspensions are a first for the NFL under its own COVID-19 policy.

The use and/or sale of counterfeit vaccination cards is a felony subject to fines of up to five years in prison.

Brown tested positive early in the season, and he missed the week three game against the Rams in Los Angeles.

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