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Well I guess it goes a little deeper than that because maybe without Meta/Facebook, not many of these games would have been developed. Were the games already in development before you got paid by the Meta?

If we look at history, yes. Many of the games in development for the original Vive have been ported to Facebook Exclusive Games. There may not be new games from Facebook Studios, but the market is now so smashed that it doesn’t matter anymore. If you buy something other than Facebook glasses, you will lose half of your games. Everything was put behind the Facebook wall.

On Steam, for example, Oculus has the largest market share at 52.32% (source), so the games released will likely end up cramping in most hands.
The problem is that Steam accepts everything. They want an open market like the PC. But no one can compete with Facebook’s financial sailor. They sell cups at below cost, so there is no chance for the competition to take off.

Buy the LED indicator and you will lose half of the market. Buy Oculus and you can do it all (including steam). Everyone makes an Apple of everything but that’s just okay…if you notice you’ll be set to -1.

Especially in a new market like this, but you can’t deny that Meta is now doing a lot of good to make virtual reality more and more popular with its relatively cheap Quest headphones and betting on new developments in technology and gaming investments.
But the market is not new. HTC Vive is 6 years old. In my opinion, Facebook is actually limiting the market by slowing down innovation. Who starts a VR company if your competitor is Facebook. No investor would believe that plan would work.

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Everyone knows that monopoly is a bad thing. Well, isn’t that the perfect example?
No competition is possible because Facebook puts their software behind a walled garden.
There is no possible competition because Facebook sells their devices for less than cost.
There is no possible competition because Facebook grabs the largest market share.

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