Steven Spielberg will launch into a genre like never before

Steven Spielberg will launch into a genre like never before

legendary Steven Spielberg Soon he will be releasing his first musical, a new edition of West side story And also a genre he never discovered in his 40+ year career.

But there’s another unwanted species that Spielberg has always kept away from, until now! The manager reported that he had a number of Western movies It is developing, but it is unclear which one will continue to function definitively.

In a new interview with Yahoo! He goes to the particular fact that he is often asked about the missing genres in his works and that he always refers to music by default, but Western has forgotten:

“I’ve been asked this question for the past four decades, if not more, and I’ve always said the musical is the only thing I haven’t done. But what I forgot to say is that I haven’t touched a western either. Who knows, maybe someday, Who knows “?

just a summary
As mentioned earlier, Spielberg has already had major successes in the action genres (jaws), action adventure (Indiana Jones), war (Saving Private Ryan(drama)Schindler’s List), horror adventure (Jurassic Park), Science (Close encounters of the third kind), a crime (Catch me if you can), romantic (Always), Science Fiction (One ready player) , Curriculum Vitae (Lincolncomedy (station), Vitality (TinTin) And of course much more.

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