50 Cent apologizes to Madonna for ridiculing her photos | stars

50 Cent apologizes to Madonna for ridiculing her photos |  stars

The feud began when the 46-year-old rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, snapped earlier this week in a series of photos that Madonna posted on Instagram. On it is the former queen of pop She can be seen in underwear, among other things.

Then compare 50 Cent the singer to the witch from wizard of oz And Madonna couldn’t see the humor in that exactly.

She responded by sharing a picture of her with the rapper, saying, “That’s 50 Cent pretending to be my boyfriend, but now he’s chosen to make fun of me. It’s a pity you’re trying to advance your new career by making fun of others. You’re just jealous because you don’t look as good as me or That you can’t have as much fun as I do my age.”

After the singer’s engagement, 50 Cent took to Twitter and has since removed the message, in which he apologized to the pop singer. “It looks like I hurt Madonna because she took a picture from 2003. With that. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m not happy with this and said what I was thinking at the time – because I’ve seen a similar picture before. I hope you’ll accept my apology.”

And as far as we know, Madonna has yet to respond to an apology.

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