‘Invest 90 million in social development companies to address staff shortages’

'Invest 90 million in social development companies to address staff shortages'

Invest 90 million euros in workplaces in social development companies, so that people who also have a greater distance from the labor market can find work. This is the appeal made by Cedris, the mass labor market association. According to the association, the additional 10,000 places that this will provide can be used to address labor market shortages and make the workplace more inclusive.

People who are far from the labor market include people with an occupational disability, those who have received social assistance for a long time and who have become unaccustomed to the rhythm of work, and people with a psychological past, who have been declared partially incapacitated for work. Employers and prestige who do not speak the language.

Record number of vacancies

There is now a record number of vacancies yet companies cannot always fill these positions. two weeks ago The Central Bureau of Statistics reported that there were not many vacancies compared to the number of unemployed people. In the third quarter of this year, there were 126 vacancies for every 100 unemployed people.

According to Cedris, social development companies, formerly known as social work companies, are receiving many requests from the business community for overtime work due to shortages. According to Cedris, there is an opportunity to make the labor market more inclusive.

But then additional funds are needed, because resources and people are needed to direct these people and properly organize the work. That is why Cedres is asking The Hague for a budget of 90 million euros in order to be able to provide work for ten thousand people.

At this Markro branch in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the employer and employee are happy that they can start working with this build:

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