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This is what I said in 2014 to comments like this:

Since 2000, they have released dozens of new games with varying degrees of success. A small selection of titles: Pikmin, Advance Wars, Baiten Kaitos, Xenoblade Chronicals, Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Wii Music, Pandora’s Tower, Animal Crossing, The Last Story, Exite Truck, Endless Ocean, Steel Diver, Nintendo Football Club, and Disaster Day Crisis, Hero Wars, Geist, Odama, Pushmo, Hotel Dusk, Post Code, Wario Ware, Eternal Darkness etc.

So I think it’s short-sighted to say that Nintendo doesn’t release new game series very often. Additionally, for example, 9 Call of Duty has now been released for xbox 360 and 10 in total for consoles in 10 years. Nintendo has now released at least 8 zelda titles in 25 years for all six consoles (nes, snes, n64, cube, wii, wiiu). To build on successful games, see also Halo (7 games so far), Uncharted (3 games in one generation), e.g., world of warcraft (5 expansions).

The story that Nintendo should stop milking Mario for its various games, which I often read in the comments, I don’t understand very well, or do these people also interact with Disney when they see Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse? Nintendo has created its own world of well-known game characters. Various games take place in this world. So, racing games, 3d platformers, 2d platforms, bitmobs, shooting games, adventure games, and RPGs. If you don’t like it well, others will enjoy it.

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