20-year-old Nina bursts into tears as she says: ‘The bucket is full’

20-year-old Nina bursts into tears as she says: 'The bucket is full'

Sunny, who is also a mother of twins, supports Nina during her pregnancy. The actress noticed that Nina does not show the back of her tongue. After giving birth, she decided to take her to a lifestyle coach. “I don’t think Nina wants to show that she finds motherhood difficult sometimes,” Sunny says to the camera. “Because people have already judged her, because of the fact that she had a very young baby and then had unplanned twins. So she also wants to stand up to people who have an opinion, like: ‘Look, I can do this, it’s going well.’ “Although San thinks Nina is already a great mother, she also thinks she can admit how difficult it is.

For example, Nina’s grandfather, with whom the mother of three children currently lives, also admitted to Sunny that she sometimes has difficulty. “He says it is because he cares about you a lot. He hopes that you will also open up a little more, so that you can take certain steps in your life that will help you a lot in the end,” Sunny addresses Nina. During a session with a lifestyle coach, Nina quickly dares to show her vulnerable side. When Sunny asked her how she felt at the beginning of the training session, Nina burst into tears. The actress likes to see Nina make herself vulnerable: “I was touched, because Nina has seen a lot of sad things in her life. (…) So things pile up and at a certain point the bucket ends. Completely full.”

Different pain points appear during the session. Nina speaks openly about the different stepfathers in her life and also brings the bad relationship with her biological father to the fore. She also says she was bullied in high school because of her weight. When she says this, Nina breaks down again. “I’ve been bullied a lot, because I’m very skinny and tall. So I’ve been bullied because I’m thin.” Sanne also now understands better why Nina doesn’t reveal anything and why she makes it seem as if motherhood comes easily to her. “Because you have already been through a lot of difficult things in life. And this cannot be compared to the difficulty of having three children, because there is also a lot of love in it. And that love wins.”

Nina is happy with this session after that and leaves feeling good. “I expected it differently and actually thought: ‘What is this?’ But I still really liked it.” At the end of the episode it is revealed that she has decided to pursue EMDR therapy.

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