Major staff shortage: The prison now advertises on the portal

Major staff shortage: The prison now advertises on the portal

The door of the most famous prison in the Netherlands has been transformed into a large advertising column. The text on the now well-known big blue doors of Foote Prison reads: “There is more beyond this gate.”

The door is always visible when something happens in Vogt. This is often because Vought is home to the country’s biggest criminals.

Investigations revealed that the text “There is more behind this gate” aims to recruit employees. Below the large text is, the website on which the Custodial Institutions Agency publishes all vacancies.

There are quite a few. Dozens of people are wanted in Foote alone. Complex security guards, forensic treatment staff and prison workers are especially needed. But a psychiatrist can also start right away.

Every effort is made to find employees. It is not possible for detainees to receive fewer or no visitors due to, for example, staff shortages. “I’m concerned about the tight job market,” a prison recruitment official previously told Omroep Brabant.

And finding employees is not that easy. To be able to work in prison, you have to pass a large selection process. The procedure lasts six weeks and includes a letter of motivation, a first and second interview, a physical skills test and a personality test, and you must obtain a certificate of good conduct.

Most commonly known blue doors are pictured:

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