Play and Study in America: An Experience for Life

Play and Study in America: An Experience for Life

September 6, 2023 12:10


Veenandal Exercise in a good condition and follow a good course in America. According to Christoph Willemsen of +31 Sports, it was an experience of a lifetime. He accepted the challenge during his student years and now, along with two partners, heads an organization that guides youngsters in finding the right college team on the other side of the ocean. “We have more than ten years of combined experience in the industry and can protect players from the dangers that have fallen into our hands.”

In the final year of his higher professional education, Willemsen felt the need to take a break. “I took a year off to travel. I quickly got involved with college sports in America and I quickly knew it was for me,” he reflects. Willemsen says there is a place in America for everyone who likes sports and reading. “But coaches are always looking for the best players for their own team. They want to win and have a scholarship to spend, a scholarship that’s financially attractive to go to a good university.”

Coaches need to get a picture of you, and a first impression is made with a highlight video. So it’s important to have footage of your matches, says Willemsen. He played soccer in the Netherlands at the first grade level and soon connected with an American coach. ,, Having a good CV and school grades in order is important, of course it always helps. Within a short time, I connected with a coach on Facetime who wanted to bring me to the US to get a master’s degree and play for his team,” he says. “At +31 Games, we consider it very important that the final decision for college is made in consultation with the player’s family. The wishes of the family come first. We try to involve parents in the whole process as much as possible.

Life focuses on the game

Willemsen played 1.5 years at Tennessee, coached there for six months, and then worked for a sports agency in Florida. “The sports experience is fundamentally different there. In the Netherlands you train twice a week at your sports club and play a match. In the US you travel across the country every day for training and matches with a college team. Your life is shaped around the sport. I really enjoyed it, and my American I missed that too when I returned to the Netherlands after my visa expired.

Christoph Willemsen during his time as a soccer player in the United States. – +31 game

Willemsen regularly travels across the ocean to visit universities and sports clubs in the United States. “Sometimes it’s unbelievable how well the sports facilities are in America. Sports is so ingrained in the community, it’s wonderful to experience it. I would advise any student who has a plan somewhere in the back of his mind to go to America right now: please contact us. In a no-obligation conversation, how do you approach certain things? “I can already provide more information about it. The experience we at +31 Sports have gained through this is worth its weight in gold,” he said.

According to Willemsen, working out and studying in America is an experience you shouldn’t miss. Last year, he and +31 Sports partnered with former professional footballer Hans van der Haar, who founded the Miami Dutch Lions FC club in the US. “Such a link is definitely always useful. Especially since the Dutch Embassy is also in Miami, where many lines converge.”

Opportunity in America

When you contact +31 Sports, you will first have a conversation to get to know each other. Willemsen: ,, Together we decide on your ‘game plan’, what we are going to do and what your options are. We do this based on your player profile and personal preferences. If there is later interest from a practitioner, we will arrange for you to speak with that party or parties. If there is a good offer, for example, we will help you with the documents for obtaining a residence visa. Good to know: One of us is always in the same time zone as you when you operate in the US. In the unlikely event of a problem, the +31 game can always be accessed in a simple way.

Decide your game plan with +31 games
In addition to Christoph Willemsson, +31 Sports also features Lars Blenkers and Dury Schieving. ,, All three of us played and studied in America and over the years we have coached over a hundred players and families. We have a wide network of schools and know many coaches personally. We currently focus mainly on men’s and women’s soccer, but also hockey. We are also open to other games because we have experience with them: send us a message and we will contact you personally.”
More information via, Instagram: @plus31sportsEmail: [email protected] and Tel: 06-52275053.

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