Marieke Elsinga is partly back in action | stars

Marieke Elsinga is partly back in action |  stars

She says she wants to think about when she will return to the radio show. “I have an idea about it, but I don’t want to say that date out loud just yet. I want the peace and quiet of seeing when it’s a good idea to set the alarm again in the morning,” says Mareki. Registration for the new RTL program will begin next week. “This will be my first job. It is not wise to immediately repeat the morning show again. I should not immediately start driving 180 kilometers again.”

She also says she is “fine” at the moment. “Just so much better. Because I worry less about ‘Oh, I’m not there and I can do that I’m not there in the morning.’” The announcer and radio DJ struggled with guilt: “(…) And so I didn’t really need many friends . I had to think. I felt like I was on a fast train, which I actually made myself,” says Mareki.

Marieke herself announced a month ago via a message on Qmusic that she would be pausing with the morning show Mattie & Marieke. She indicated that she needed to rest. Mate played her message during the broadcast. A combination of her presenting work for the morning show with her television work on RTL Boulevard And her role in it I can see your voice break it. “I often get asked, ‘How can you keep up?’ To make radio and television. My answer is always, ‘I think it’s the best thing to do.’ It gives me a lot of energy. But I recently noticed that it is really costing me energy. Which is why I decided to hit the brakes for a moment, so that in a couple of years I can still say that’s the most fun thing to do.

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