Zwolle’s Jean-Pierre (31) shared Long Live Love: ‘I regretted choosing her afterwards’

Jean-Pierre Lang Leve de Liefde

“I’m ready for a house, or a tree, or an animal. I’m looking for a loyal woman, with whom I can share stories,” Jean-Pierre Rosberg, 31, said this week on the TV show “And maybe even get married.” long term love† On the popular dating show, Zwollenaar was looking for true love. Suits him: Peer sitter. Did something happen between them?

Let’s go to the beginning first. Zwollenaar was ahead long term love – A love experience in which singles get to know each other in a period of no less than 24 hours and a maximum of four days – determined by a friend. “We were both in break up And they spent a lot of time together. She told me she was going to be on the TV show. If she can also sign me up. At first I said no, then yes. We do it just for fun.”

“I am a pleasant addition to your evening”

His girlfriend took the lead and filled in the description of Jean-Pierre. I started with words like: ‘I’m Jean-Pierre, aka JP. I am a tropical surprise and a warm addition to your evening, sometimes almost one with your furniture. I have a great passion for sports and dancing. I also love to joke. Now you shouldn’t think that I speak a scorching French because of my name.”

A few days later, the makers of the program called. whether jean pierre likes dating “I said no, I hate it. But then they asked if I liked it as a social experiment. Perhaps I would then get answers to the questions I was looking for. I allowed myself to be convinced and went on the adventure.”

girls with red hair

The result of his dating adventure was on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd June SBS6 to see. On the TV show, a resident of Zvol says he is looking for an adventurous and open-minded woman, who is resilient and is a little different from the rest. Jean-Pierre is always fond of blondes and brunettes, but he also loves red-haired girls. He’s lucky: His date is a babysitter the same age.

Although history runs smoothly, Zwollenaar provides revelations. “In my experience, people are not monogamous,” he says. “I would never rule out an open relationship, but more so at an older age, when you’re really amused.” Babysitter’s facial twists: “Interesting,” she says. After that, their date didn’t blossom anymore and she decided not to extend the adventure. “I think it is a pity that it should be like this,” said Jean-Pierre, before saying goodbye. “You could also have asked what I mean by that,” referring to his view of an open relationship. That’s it: Jean-Pierre and Gliese both leave as bachelors.

Is your relationship boring? Make it negotiable

Given his adventure, Jean-Pierre is satisfied with how he has been portrayed by the show makers. He just feels that he can’t explain his view on monogamy very well. “I often hear around me that as you get older, things get boring in a relationship. If you discuss it and fulfill your desires in this way, you will definitely find a way out. Then you don’t have to cheat, for example. Most say they are monogamous, but when it comes to With that, they all fall into the trap,” says Jean-Pierre.

The Zwolle native says there are temptations everywhere. “On the billboards you see Secondlove and in the DM (Direct Messages, Editor) I get messages from married women. How do I still think we can be monogamous in the Netherlands.”


When Jean-Pierre explained his view on monogamy when parting with his babysitter, he said she regretted it. “She was very sad about this and I am comforting her. This is not in the picture. Later we called each other and she indicated that she regretted her choice. She honestly thought I was a nice guy.”

If asked back on a dating show like long term love, will not join again. “They expect a lot from you, but you don’t get much in return,” he says. For example, according to Jean-Pierre, the date was actually approximately 48 hours instead of 24 hours. “I put in a lot of energy and did activities with her. For example, we played darts, shuffleboard, table tennis, table football and did about five questions on chat sites. We also went to the hot tub, did karaoke, cooked together and danced. I saw nothing From him. For the rest I’m in good shape.”

Love live again

Despite the fact that he has never given Jean-Pierre the love of his life, he has a much richer dating experience. “It was a fun adventure and here I am long term love Very grateful for that.”

His dating adventure in long term love can you over here And the over here (Episode 2).

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