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Apple will introduce its first VR headset early next year, claims analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. They will be glasses priced at thousands of euros, equipped with several cameras, so that augmented reality viewing is also possible.

last year expect ko That Apple will launch virtual reality glasses this year, but Bloomberg sources already mentioned this at the beginning of this year The headset may be delayeddue to development issues. ku poses now In a new report That Apple will announce the glasses in January 2023. This is the most accurate prediction to date. The analyst is known for good supply chain resources.

Apple’s headset is said to be for augmented reality apps and a mixed reality screen, but it’s not augmented reality glasses with transparent screens. It will be a high definition VR headset, with cameras on the outside capturing the environment. This appears in the glasses and virtual information can be added to it. The glasses can also be used as a traditional VR headset with this design.

According to rumors, it is a stand-alone headset, with computing power comparable to Apple’s M1 soc. At the beginning of this year, Ross Young of the analysis firm DSCC stated that the stethoscope is a It uses an amoled panel with two micro-oled screens on it† Will Apple modular presentation As an OLED screen is used for peripheral vision at a relatively low resolution, micro-OLED screens show the area that users focus on very sharply.

A sketch of what an Apple headset might look like based on descriptions from anonymous sources. source: the information

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