Fiber Jute Grower Tons Agro Expands To America

Dun Agro Hemp Group hennep oude pekela groningen
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HooDun Agro, a Dutch fiber hemp company, will expand to the United States by establishing its North American headquarters and creating the first US-based processing facility in the state of Indiana. Hemp Today reported Last week.

Ton Agro is set to begin harvesting fiber hemp in Indiana and Idaho this year

Company Let Hemp Today know Indiana Operations will be the model for a vertically integrated complex at Oude Pekela in Groningen, where the company has an eco-friendly factory that produces fibers and other hemp products for a wide variety of applications.

“The beginning of the partnership we established in Indiana (…)”

“The partnership we established in Indiana was a start and helped Dun Agro build a strong foundation in the state,” said CEO Albert Dunn. Hemp Today“This expansion will have a significant impact on the company’s ability to meet the rapidly growing demand for consumer hemp products in the United States.”

The U.S. facility is expected to be operational by mid-2023, but Dunn Agro said it is growing and that hemp will be harvested in Indiana and Idaho earlier this year. It is now in the process of identifying a second base for development and says it will explore options with tribal governments as it continues to expand. La Von Peck of the Dun Agro Hemp Group explained, “Indigenous land opportunities are a priority and we will continue to identify the tribes we can work with.” Hemp Today

So if it is fulfilled, the New agricultural rules throw a spanner in the works In the fiber hemp industry in the Netherlands, Tone Agro can continue to work in the United States. The Ministry of Agriculture has already responded to this. There may be one Industrial hemp exception

Last year, CannaStemBus went nationwide, including the arrival of Dun Agro. You can see that statement in the video below.

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