“Ex-husband and teenage sons are very concerned about Britney’s mental health” | stars

"Ex-husband and teenage sons are very concerned about Britney's mental health" |  stars

“Kevin did the interview because, like their children, they are upset. They are concerned that everyone is completely ignoring the fact that Britney is struggling with her mental health,” a source close to Kevin Federline told me. Sixth page.

After the interview a day daily mail The former background dancer posted Fragments on Instagram four years ago, in which Britney got into a fight with her kids. In the caption, Kevin, who was married to the singer from 2004 to 2007, wrote: “I can’t just sit back and let my sons accuse like that after what they’ve been through. As much as it hurts us, we as a family have decided to post these videos. It’s not even the worst. The lies must stop. I hope our kids will grow up to be better people than this.”

Just hours later, Kevin changed his mind and the videos were removed. When posting the videos, he did not intend to give the world a “bad picture” of his ex-wife. He just wanted to remind people that Britney has mental health issues and that they and their kids are worried about not being monitored.” Sixth page.


Meanwhile, Britney’s ex-boyfriend, who wishes to remain anonymous, is “outraged” by Kevin’s behaviour. say to Sixth page“Kevin is a nice guy, but a loser,” said the ex-boyfriend. “It was very difficult for Britney to go out with the boys, knowing that she was giving them all that money and that they were free to spend her money as they liked, while she herself was on guard and got little compensation.”

“But when the kids are 18, the money goes and it becomes Kevin the Cottage,” he continues. The ex-boyfriend is even speculating that Kevin may be able to take money from Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, who has been controlling the singer’s life for thirteen years. However, Jimmy’s lawyer Alex Weingarten said this week Sixth page That this is not the case. “Jimmy has not been in contact with Kevin or his grandchildren for three years. This is a complete lie.”

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