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Compared to their direct competitors (MS, Google, and Apple), they are actually nothing more than a small spot.

Your link makes my point, you mentioned it yourself already with “a year ago”. Even Zoom, which really had the right product at the right time, could not sustain such success for long. Even with 85 billion in (hypothetical) value, MS and Google will outpace it in a few months.

Value in the stock market isn’t everything. Your link is talking about a loss of $15 billion. It didn’t stop there, it has “lost” another 45 billion since then. Zoom “only” is worth 25 billion (September 2022). If this value goes down so fast, I think it’s not over yet and will go down even more.

The price of the stock is mainly between the two ears and completely depends on your point of view. You can be sure that the company is worth 25 billion. You can also be negative that the company lost 60 billion in value or lost 2/3 in value in one year. This doesn’t really sound like a success story.

These massive fluctuations in value don’t mean much. Most importantly, Zoom is making a profit. This profit is in the billions so it is definitely not a failed company or anything. But when it comes to payment, it’s still just a small player compared to the $170 billion that MS brought in last year.

In addition, MS’s profit has grown proportionally (in percentage terms) more than Zoom’s profit. In and of itself is very understandable given the end of the shutdown that has driven Zoom’s growth. But Zoom did it all together for a year better than their competitors and then the fun ended again.

I think everyone would agree that such a global shutdown was a unique situation that will not happen any time soon. If that wasn’t enough, I think we can conclude that the market is no longer available to new players if the tech giants don’t want it.

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