March 22, 2023

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Sam Fender cancels rest of his tour due to mental issues |  Currently

Sam Fender cancels rest of his tour due to mental issues | Currently

Sam Fender has canceled the last performances of his US tour to focus on his mental health. The singer-songwriter believes it is hypocritical to write songs about mental health without paying attention to his songs.

The British write: “I have neglected myself for more than a year and have failed to heal the things that have affected me deeply. It is impossible to work on myself on the wander and it is exhausting to pretend happiness and luxury for the sake of work.” singer in message on social media.

The 28-year-old didn’t say what exactly was wrong with him. “My friends and colleagues have been worried about me for a while and it won’t get better if I don’t take the time. The boys and I are exhausted and we need this time.”

The singer has apologized for canceling the shows. Fender thanks his fans and assures that he wants to give his best in every performance. He also announced that his concerts in Australia in November will continue for the time being.

The singer-songwriter canceled some shows at some festivals last summer due to problems with his throat. It premiered in the Lowlands last month.

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