Ubisoft CEO: Our Big Console Games Get a Price Increase to $70 – Games – News

I am 40 years old and have just gotten used to a very different gaming quality than what you are going through these days.

DLC is now a standard for almost every game, you mentioned this yourself. The increased prices have also been a reality for first-party titles for a while (including Ubisoft – the latest title, according to the article, is also available for that price). You don’t have to look very far for (small) transactions, and Ubisoft is the champion of selling NFTs in its games.

Actually, AAA titles are not right for me. They haven’t been in years. Each of them does not live up to what I like about the game (exciting and challenging gameplay, good storytelling and just a “final” product); In addition, I see that, especially given the asking price, the level of quality and finish that is offered is often deplorable.

Let’s face it: all the major studios are owned by investors. They don’t play the games themselves and are only interested in how to get more money out of the title. Whether it was at the expense of the quality of the game, she would be concerned. This simply does not benefit the quality of the game. The bad thing is: It works too, judging by your statement that it’s not that bad and enough people still buy this stuff. Yes, taste is subjective, but the big publishers who take money out of your pocket by responding to addictive sensitivity, you can’t justify that, can you? Call it yourself “milling”. It’s only there until you hit more money out of your pocket to get around that pebble, you know.

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