Russian cities demand Putin’s resignation

Russian cities demand Putin's resignation
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Municipal representatives from 17 districts of Moscow and Saint Petersburg signed a public statement demanding the resignation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This reports The Insider, a Russian research publication operating out of Latvia that has been banned in Russia since July.

We, the deputies of the municipalities of Russia, believe that the actions of President Putin are detrimental to the future of Russia and its citizens. We demand the removal of Vladimir Putin from the post of President of the Russian Federation.” Statement of local politicianswhich together represent the provinces of several million Russians.

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Ksenia Torstream

The statement was published by Ksenia Torstream, a lawmaker from Saint Petersburg. It is difficult to speak out because of the repression. (…) But delegates have not yet been barred from giving an opinion,” Torstream said in an interview with The Insider. It’s also not illegal to talk about the president’s resignation. He’s not a property and he receives his salary from our taxes.

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Torstrem and her colleagues emphasize that they act in the best interests of the people they represent. “We see that people are not satisfied,” Torstream said. Our people are the source of authority according to the constitution. Personally, I do not understand the motives for Vladimir Putin’s actions (in Ukraine). I don’t think you can stay in power that long.

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Deputies from Moscow and Saint Petersburg are demanding the Russian parliament, the State Duma, to accuse Putin of “treason” over the war in Ukraine. According to the signatories to the statement, Putin’s actions fall under Article 93 of the Russian Constitution. That article states that the president can be removed from office if the State Duma finds him guilty of treason or other serious crimes.


british newspaper telegraph A message that the signatories to the statement at the same time received a fine, without mentioning the amount.

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