Zhou Guanyu: The F1 driver said the corona device “saved me” during the high-speed collision

Zhou Guanyu: The F1 driver said the corona device "saved me" during the high-speed collision

Cho was one of several drivers involved in the first turn accident, which resulted in his Alfa Romeo flipping and sliding across the track and onto the gravel, before crashing into a fencing.

The halo, made of titanium, forms protection around the cockpit and was introduced in 2018. Although it initially met with some criticism from drivers, many drivers credited it with preventing serious injuries.

“I’m fine, everything is clear,” Chu tweeted later on Sunday with a selfie. “Hello you saved me today. Thank you everyone for your kind messages!”

Cho’s car ended up sandwiched between the tire fender and the guardrail to protect the fans. The awkward nature of the car’s situation meant it took a while to get it out.

George Russell, the Mercedes driver, who had communicated with Cho during the collision, immediately got out of his car as soon as it stopped and ran to check on Cho.

The rookie, the first Chinese Formula 1 driver, was eventually photographed being carried on a stretcher by the emergency medical staff and subsequently given an assessment at the medical centre.

Williams driver Alex Albon was also involved in the accident and was taken to a local hospital for checks. His team confirmed on Twitter that it was all given up at a later time.

A red flag was placed over the race and was suspended until Chu’s car was removed. As the cars were back in the pits, members of an environmental group made their way to the track and sat down to protest, although the race was fortunately halted.

A titanium aura protects Chu from any injuries.

Once the race resumed, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz took home his first Formula 1 victory, with Red Bull’s Sergio Perez second and home favorite Lewis Hamilton third.

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