Whether you are online may not be visible soon in WhatsApp | Currently

Whether you are online may not be visible soon in WhatsApp |  Currently

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that allows users to protect themselves from others when they are online. This is evident from the information from the general public WABetaInfo† The ability to protect should appear in a future update.

It was possible for some time to hide when I was active on WhatsApp. But people can still see it from each other when they are online. In the conversation, the text “Now online” can be seen under the name of the recipient.

Not everyone wants others to be able to see if WhatsApp is open. They can do it according to WABetaInfo Hide in the future. If people protect their “Now Online” status, they can no longer see others when they are active.

It is not known when WhatsApp will officially launch the new feature. It may take some time, because often these types of options appear first in a beta version of the app. This is not the case at the moment. WABetaInfo He just writes that WhatsApp is currently working on the feature.

Recently, WhatsApp has taken several measures to give users more control over their privacy in the app. So people can Decide for yourself Who can see their profile picture.

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