YouTuber Technoblade (23) is gone, family posted a farewell video

YouTuber Technoblade (23) is gone, family posted a farewell video

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Popular American YouTuber Technoblade has died of cancer at the age of 23. He is famous for the videos in which he played the game Maine Craft Plays on YouTube. There he had more than 11 million subscribers.

Technoblade, who wished to remain anonymous, started his YouTube channel in 2013. Last year he announced that he was suffering from cancer. Today, a farewell video appeared on the channel titled So long nerds.

YouTuber Technoblade’s Farewell Message

in that video The father of the famous player reads a letter from his son intended for fans. Technoblade was supposed to read it himself. “He wanted to wait for him to get a little better, but he waited too long,” his father says emotionally in the video. In the personal message, the player says goodbye to his fans and reveals his first name: Alex, not Dave, as he previously joked.

His father went on to explain how the video came to be. “He wrote a few paragraphs and then it’s over. He lived eight hours after that. We all have to say goodbye.”

The happiest years of my life

The famous player also wanted to make it clear in his last post how important his YouTube followers are to him. “If I had a hundred more lives, I would have chosen a Technoblade every time, because those were the happiest years of my life.”

Technoblade has been very careful to keep his identity confidential, a wish his family wants to honor even after his death. “He shunned personal fame and worked hard to keep his identity private,” his mother said in the farewell video. “We ask that you respect his wishes and now protect his and his family’s privacy.”

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