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Logitech is a well-known name when it comes to peripherals for PC and game consoles. The Swiss manufacturer has a large selection, especially in the field of keyboards and mice. with the new Logitech MX mechanical keyboard and MX Master 3S Mouse Put the company high. In their own words, this is the terminal equipment for professionals and creators.

Tweakers Partners and Logitech joined forces on the MX test panel. That’s why we’re looking for testers who work a lot with a mouse and keyboard. Five Tokers were selected to test this versatile duo; Sign up quickly for the survey you’ll find at the bottom of this article.

Logitech MX mechanical

MX Mechanical is equipped with mechanical switches that provide greater comfort in tapping. The keyboard has a luxurious look, is very durable and weighs 828 grams. The keys are provided for Mac and Windows users, which is very useful when switching between the two operating systems. Three switches are available with this model: “silent” (brown keys), “tap” (blue keys) and “linear” (red keys). The brown switches fall between red and blue in terms of user experience, and according to Logitech, they’re the best option if you’re in the office and want to click well without disturbing colleagues with clicking noises. Thus, MX Mechanical, which is handled by the test panel, is fitted with brown switches. These are keys with tactile feedback and a total distance of 2.7mm. The hit was recorded at 1.5 mm. Thanks to the legs, the height of the keyboard can be adjusted.

MX Master 3S

The MX Master 3S is the updated version of the MX Master 3. On the outside, both mice appear identical and their size and weight – only 141 grams – are the same. The biggest change is the new optical sensor, which doubles the dpi value to 8000. This allows the mouse to move very precisely on any surface. The new clicking system also stands out; The new click is about 90% quieter. Combined with brown switches, this is ideal if you don’t want to bother your office colleagues too much. In addition, the electromagnetic MagSpeed ​​wheel, with which you can now scroll up to a thousand lines per second, is also quieter than before. According to Logitech, the MX Master 3S lasts for about seventy days on a single charge, and can be used continuously for three hours after just one minute of charging.

Three devices compatible with different operating systems

Both MX Mechanical and MX Master 3S are compatible with Logi Options + software. It allows users to customize individual buttons, use predefined profiles, create application-specific profiles, adjust tracking speed and select backlight effects. Both products feature Bluetooth and Logi Bolt owned by Logiech. With the latter system, you can switch from one device to another at once. By the way, both MX Mechanical and MX Master 3S can connect to up to three different devices, and they are both compatible with Windows, macOS, iPadOS, Android, Chrome OS, and Linux.

How to Join the Logitech MX Test Board

Curious to know what it’s like to work with this mouse with a mechanical keyboard that makes less noise than most of these keyboards? Would you like to write a review about Logitech MX Mechanical and MX Master 3S? Then fill out the survey below. Tweakers choose five testers at random from all reactions. If you’re one of the lucky ones, we’ll make sure both products come your way. You should post a review of your results on Tweakers. All 5 selected reviewers get a Logitech MX Mechanical and an MX Master 3S afterwards, thank you for the time and effort they put into testing and reviewing.

Want to review and win Logitech MX Mechanical and MX Master 3S?

Upgrades General Terms and Conditions

  • Your Tweakers account must be active before June 30, 2022.
  • You can participate until July 8, 2022 only via the survey. You can participate in the survey once.
  • Winners will be notified by email no later than July 11, 2022. Non-winners will not be notified.
  • Winners are chosen randomly. There will be no correspondence about the result.
  • Winners are ready and available to test products within two weeks after receipt and to publish a comprehensive review at Tweakers Pricewatch.
  • Winners will receive both products as a test thank you.
  • Minors may only participate with the prior consent of their parents or guardians.
  • Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or any other merchandise.
  • Tweakers and Logitech employees are excluded from participation.
  • Participants who do not meet the above conditions may be disqualified from participation.
  • Complaints can be submitted via [email protected].

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