Americans can fly gender neutral from 2024

Americans can fly gender neutral from 2024

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US airlines will offer travelers the option to purchase gender-neutral tickets from the end of 2024. They are adapting their computer systems for this. An X will appear next to gender in gender-neutral tickets.

The Airlines Group for America, which includes American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and Southwest Airlines, made the promise in a letter to Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, a Democrat who has long advocated for transgender and non-gender rights. Dual people. Wyden Thank you in a message Airlines for its “meaningful move”.

United and American Airlines already offer X-Gender tickets on domestic flights, but other airlines haven’t adjusted their booking systems yet.

Driving license and passport

Oregon was the first state in 2017 to allow drivers to have a gender-neutral driver’s license. 21 states now offer a gender-neutral ID option. Since March 11, Americans can also obtain a gender-neutral passport. The passport is issued by the federal government.

In the Netherlands, some people got an X in their passport after court intervention. However, in the Netherlands, there is nothing legally regulated about this.

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