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YouTube has added a new feature that allows users to continue watching videos they started on the phone from the same point on the desktop via a small player at the bottom of the screen.

with the job, Discovered by 9to5GoogleYouTube remembers how far a user has watched a video on their mobile phone and platform and then lets the user continue watching the video on PC. When the user on the same Google account opens YouTube on the desktop, the video that did not play automatically will appear at the bottom right of the screen, in a small player.

The function does not work in reverse; Half a video watched on PC does not appear in a small player on the mobile app. However, according to 9to5Google, it should also work with videos that are not fully viewed on Android TV. YouTube itself has not reported anything about this feature. In a small test, the feature hasn’t worked yet, so it looks like the option hasn’t been rolled out to all users yet.

YouTube already mentions how far a user has come with a video, but until now the user had to find the video on the desktop first. The effort is now saved with this function. Many internet browsers have also introduced this feature with tabs, allowing to find open tabs on mobile through a computer browser. Including Microsoft Edge Recently introduced this feature.

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