Where are Peyton and Eli Manning on ‘Monday Night Football’? Imagine their conversations with Chargers-Raiders

Where are Peyton and Eli Manning on 'Monday Night Football'?  Imagine their conversations with Chargers-Raiders

‘Monday Night Football’ boasted a pair of interesting contenders to wrap up week four, with chargers play host to Raiders In a struggle between the top runners in West Asia. However, what it didn’t introduce was everyone’s new favorite prime-time duo: Peyton and Eli Manningwho first appeared Their ESPN2 broadcast during the first three weeks of the season.

Where were the Manning brothers in the Chargers-Raiders game? at home. or at the bar. Or somewhere, just not in their typical “stalls”. why? because they are Just contracted to do 10 ‘Monday Night Football’ is airing this season, so they’re taking a break until week seven, when Seahawks play host to saints On October 25.

If you’re stuck there sitting in mourning, wondering how you’re going to get it close to Halloween without filling Peyton and Ellie in “Monday Night Football,” don’t worry. Because we took some time to imagine what their conversations might look like during the first half of this week’s competition between Chargers and Raiders. Please note that none of the following conversations are real. Repeat: it’s made up. But if you desperately need Manning Brothers content, it should do this:

lightning delay

Peyton: You cannot be serious. We got news that the match will be delayed until 8:55 ET, they say… because of the lightning. We’re talking about an indoor building, folks. Last I check, lightning doesn’t travel through the roof. Last I checked, lightning doesn’t travel through the roof.

Eli: are you sure about that?

Peyton: Yes, Ellie, I’m sure. But that’s what we hear, late start. Wonderful. And they keep the TV crews in the field!

Eli: Maybe because they don’t wear helmets?

Peyton: That’s why I’m so frustrated with this, I have to spend another 30 minutes with you.

consolidated groups

Eli: You know, one thing I notice while waiting for kickoff is these uniforms. What do you think Peyton, are these the cutest T-shirts we’ve seen so far this year?

Peyton: Oh no doubt. In fact, it almost makes me feel a little jealous. You know, all those years wearing ponies Blue, you don’t get a lot of variety with that.

Eli: No you don’t. We haven’t had much better in New York.

Peyton: Don’t worry, you were going to make it look bad too.

Eli: Oh! did you see that?!

Peyton: Sweet Elway, was that a treat? I mean, if I’m Jon Gruden, I’m using this movie to teach my wish how to bring a guy, every week, for the rest of the season. He drags the board to draw Renfro’s path for the ball.

Eli: He begins dressing up as Hunter Renfrew to outsmart Peyton’s scheme. The helmet can no longer be taken off, so he regains his seat at full speed.

Peyton: By the way, where did you get the raiders helmet? Are you ready to share this story?

Eli: Maybe later, Peyton.

Peyton: Did John call you last year? Are you ready to share this?

Eli: Later.

Peyton: Oh my God, are they really going to call this here? They are. Darren Waller has the nerve to be excited after his big catch, and this is a penalty for the Raiders.

Eli: of. This raw.

Peyton: This is ridiculous. horseradish.

Eli: I think you probably celebrated more strongly than that when you played.

Peyton: Darren, you send us any invoice coming to you, and Elle and I will pay it for you.

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