Construction expert Bob drips with disappointment in buying without looking: ‘There’s nothing to be done here’ | living

Construction expert Bob drips with disappointment in buying without looking: 'There's nothing to be done here' |  living

VideoTonight is unique in hitting the ratings buy without looking: TV broker Alex Van Keulen hasn’t come to a ruin. There was little work to be done for mason expert Bob Sikes, who usually delivers an impressive refinement.

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Iris and Tom in Bay without looking.

Iris and Tom in Bay without looking. © Videostyle

In RTL 4 there was a young couple who didn’t know what to do in the tight housing market. It was clear to Iris and Tom. They desperately wanted to live together, but they absolutely did not want to leave their beloved Tilburg.

Alex quickly decided it was a “tough find”. For the umpteenth time, he was allowed to search for a characteristic 1930s building, with three or four bedrooms, garden, bathroom, and walk-in shower, in the favorite neighborhoods the couple identified. Since joe of Brabant was of paramount importance and sausage rolls had to come from a large oven, the large kitchen was an added wish.

tight deadline

,,Kill your darlings“Boys,” was Bob’s parenting advice. “I think your generation wants a lot.” Alex, who also had to deal with a tight deadline because Iris and Tom had to leave their rented house, had to finish the job with four hundred thousand euros. It turned out to be possible when he found a tightly painted house.

“This is already over! I’m disappointed,” cried Bob. “It’s a very beautiful house. Alex should do his best to buy it, then I’ll see what’s left.” Alex saw the agent’s eye, Pearl. “You don’t see them like that often. There are many pirates on the coast.” Not surprisingly, he won the bidding battle with a purchase price of €345,000.

At first sight, Iris and Tom suspect there must be an obstacle. Bob could have been canceled, was the result. This led to a renovation, with an extension making space for a kitchen with an island and a giant oven. Stylist Roos conjured a botanical theme from their top hat, including a massive sofa and bedroom with pink accents. Iris and Tom marveled at the luxury. This is not normal! That there is no budget for that at all.”

Alex confirmed that the property’s value had already increased at the time of filming. Monthly, Iris and Thom can add 1 or 2 percent. However, they will not move.

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