Youth Welfare criticizes the reforms proposed by the Council of Ministers

Youth Welfare criticizes the reforms proposed by the Council of Ministers

Youth Welfare in the Netherlands and the trade union FNV Youth Welfare criticizes the reforms undertaken by Minister of State van Oogen announce In a letter to the House of Representatives. Earlier today, the Secretary of State concluded that market forces in youth welfare and relocation to municipalities were not good.

More money than ever is being spent on youth care, but this is not seen in the results, the government admits.

Recently, there have been discussions between youth welfare organizations, municipalities, professionals, client organizations and the Cabinet. But these five parties were unable to agree on measures to reduce costs and improve care. One of the main weaknesses was the cuts of more than 500 million euros that the municipalities had to implement.


The cut will now be borne by the government, but that does not remove the sector’s concerns. “The Foreign Minister did not explain in his letter how the Cabinet wants to achieve the reductions in youth welfare. Therefore, making a personal contribution remains on the table,” Youthcare Holland wrote in its response.

The organization says that any personal contribution of clients is not acceptable and, moreover, it is discriminatory. “That way, the bill will fall to the people who need that care and they will have to deal with an additional threshold.” FNV Youth Care also strongly opposes this. On Tuesday, the organizations will file a petition against their own contribution.

nationally organized

As a result of the government’s intervention, care for children and young people with complex problems, such as anorexia or major depression, will be arranged again at the national level rather than at each municipality. And youth protection measures, if it were up to Van Augen, would be the responsibility of the regional security teams.

In his letter, the Secretary of State notes that the increase in light care has come at the expense of complex care. FNV Youth Care wants to shake off the image that such light care is often unnecessary. “This is an unfounded policy framework. It has never been investigated,” says Mike van der Ar, National Director of FNV. “It’s good that we’re going to talk about what should and shouldn’t fall under youth care, but that doesn’t mean that kind of light care isn’t necessary.”

Jeugdzorg Nederland hopes that specialized care for children will be intensified. Youth protection, which the foreign minister wants to coordinate at the regional level, could be better organized at the national level, according to Youth Welfare Netherlands.

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